~ New Zealand ~


Next week our NZ Choir are going to New Zealand to perform. We will be staying with our billets which we have been contacting for a while. My Billet came here last year and stayed at my house.

We are very excited and have been practicing hard for ages. 

Anna B-nanna. 🙂

~Netball Continued~

Hi Everyone,

Our SAPSASA Netball team managed to get into the grand finals. We were very excited and a little bit nervous going into the grand final. The scores through the game were

First quarter:6-6

Second Quarter:8-12 (our way)

Third Quarter: 11-19 (again our way)

An finally we won 14-23.

We all got medals and this was the first year our school had won so we were extremely exited and happy. 🙂

~ Netball~

Hello everyone out there,

I am in our schools SAPSASA Netball team. We have to win our next game then we will be in the grand final. I am hoping that we win. I didn’t expect to go this far but am so excited that we have.

Do you have a favourite sport? My favourite sport would have to be Netball then Basketball.

BYE for now Anna B-nanna 🙂








~ WEEK 1 TERM 2 ~

Hello everyone,

We have just had our first week back at school. It has taken me all week to get back into routine and now it’s the weekend and I will probably get out of that routine.

We have started practising our term 2 class plays. The play is called “Snow White and the other seven Dwarves”. I know that once we all learn our lines and we do a lot more practising this play will turn out great. The play is about Snow White of course and some dwarves but this story is different.  First we have to find new dwarves. The dwarves have to audition to be a dwarf for Snow White.  At the auditions the judges come across all different types of dwarves including a 70’s dwarf, an Elvis dwarf (aha aha) and a fairy.  Next as usual Snow White eats a poisoned piece of fruit and dies. The only thing that can bring her back to life is a kiss from a prince. In the normal story a prince just magically appears at the right time but in our play the dwarves have to go shopping for one.  Once they find one they take him back to Snow White and he kisses her which to everybody’s surprise…….. What do you think happens and what do they do next? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think happens.

Bye for now Anna B-nanna.  I hope to see a comment from you.


~Bryn the Dog~

Hi guys,

Do you remember that dog that I talked about in my last post. We got her yesterday. She is just settling in. Last night we put her in the laundry to sleep and she cried and the laundry is right next to my bedroom so she woke me up and kept going for 45 mins. She is very cute and tiny.She chases the magpies that come in to our backyard away because they are bigger than her. She has also barked sat her own refection in the back door.

Here are some pictures of Bryn.


Hello everybody,

I have just recently adopted a pet rat. Her name is Caramel because of her caramel colour. She is just getting used to us so we take her out occasionally. We let her sit and watch TV with us or just climb on us.

In her cage she has a running wheel which she hasn’t used yet. She also has two levels. Up the top of her cage she has a hammock.  She stores her food in her hammock.  She also has a house which she loves. When we first got her she would not come out of her house if you gave her some food to try and get her out she would just stick her head out and take the food back into her house.  We bought her some toys but she doesn’t seem to like them too much but I’m not sure if she plays with them during the day though.

One thing I found out about rats is that rats are nocturnal.  So Caramel Sleeps during the day.

We are getting a dog soon.  His name is Ruben. We are also looking at adopting a rescue dog called Bryn.  We will be meeting Bryn Sunday. She is only 9 weeks old and very cute. 🙂

Do you have any pets? If you don’t what pet would you like to have.

Bye for now

Anna B-nanna 🙂

These are some photos of Caramel in her cage and on my lap.


~The New Year~

Happy New Year

So far in the New Year I have been to the airport to see off my cousins, I have been to Port Willunga and caught up with some friends.

I really enjoyed my holiday at Port Willunga.  The house we stayed at was really cool.  From the balcony you could easily see the sunset and it always looked amazing.  The house was only 5 minutes from the beach. We went to the beach almost every day. On the last day it was really windy but we still went down to the beach one last time with our cousin.  It was really fun because of the weather the surf was high and the water pulled us out.  When a wave came in we got pushed all the way back into our parents who were waiting on the safety of the dry sand.  Have you stayed anywhere in the holidays? Do you have a favourite place that you stay with your family?

On New Year’s Day we had to be at the airport really early in the morning so we didn’t have time for breakfast but I didn’t mind because I was with my family. I didn’t really want to say good bye to them as I wanted them to stay but we are going to go see them soon so that’s good.

I hope everyone has had a fun holiday.

Anna B-nanna:)

~The Holidays~

Hello everyone.

I always love it when it’s holiday time. I like the fact that you can sleep in and you don’t have to go anywhere. My holidays haven’t really been sleep ins or not going anywhere because my brother and I have been going to work with mum each day. To catch the train to work we have to get up early and leave the house at 8:00 (which in my opinion is too early). At mum’s work it isn’t’ too boring because there is a group room upstairs with a Wii and a computer. We also take some of our own things. Some of the things that i take are my DS, some books, some DVDs and my Ipod. We also go for a walk usually in mum’s lunch break. We go t0 Rundle Mall and just go into the shops that we like. Once we went to Blackebeys Lolly Shop and mum gave my brother and I $5:00 each. With that $5:00 I got some bubble gum flavoured millions.  Millions are little balls that are chewy. I also got a packet of sherbet straws and a huge mashmalllow cupcake lolipop.

Next week we are going to our friends new house. I can’t wait for two reasons. One we get to see their new house. Two we haven’t seen them in a long time. We might even get to go in their pool. If we go into the pool I think that it will be very cold. Also next week my Auntie, Uncle and two cousins (one is 3 and one is almost 2 ) are coming to visit.I can’t wait until they come over because they live in Sydney so we hardly get to see them.

That is all for my holidays so far. What have you done in your holidays or have you done anything special lately? Have you gone on a holiday somewhere or have you gone somewhere that you had never been before? Please leave a comment.

Bye for now Anna B-nanna 🙂 🙂